Source Notes

One of the thrilling and humbling aspects of writing about water is the vast range of people who devote their careers to studying water’s impact and influence, and the libraries of literature available about water.

I have used these endnotes for three basic purposes. First, where I have done anything more than basic arithmetic to come up with a particular way of capturing water’s impact in statistical or numerical terms, I have tried to provide that mathematical reasoning so others can understand how you figure out how many molecules of water there are in a single blood cell, or how you calculate that a single serving of rice requires 14.4 gallons of water. And, of
course, so others can check my math.

Second, I have occasionally used the notes to expand on a point, where that explanation or additional information would have slowed down the main text, but where the information is relevant enough that curious readers might appreciate knowing more.

And I have used the notes for the traditional purpose of providing source references and credit to the work of others, which I have consulted, relied on, and quoted.

All the online references were checked and current as of October 1, 2010. Newspaper and magazine stories for which there are only standard citations, and no online links, are not available online.

Source Notes PDF

  • Chapter 1: The Revenge of Water
  • Chapter 2: The Secret Life of Water
  • Chapter 3: Dolphins in the Desert
  • Chapter 4: Water Under Water
  • Chapter 5: The Money in the Pipes
  • Chapter 6: The Yuck Factor
  • Chapter 7: Who Stopped the Rain?
  • Chapter 8: Where Water Is Worshipped, But Gets No Respect
  • Chapter 9: It’s Water. Of Course It’s Free
  • Chapter 10: The Fate of Water